What We Do

The GCHRD works to improve the integrity of the rational-legal framework and the quality of life under democracies, by advocating for expanded human rights and minimum standards of democratic process.

Modern Universal Rights

Comprehensive rights ensure that individual and collective power is used fairly and to the benefit of everyone. The rights outlined in the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights have still not been fully implemented and with the evolution of society, there is now a clear need for the recognition of rights around sustainability, public discourse, mobility, privacy, secular freedom and access to the basic necessities of life.

Standards of Democratic Process

Power attracts good and bad people. We know how to write laws that curb the bad ones. The GCHRD will work to ensure those laws are present in all levels of government, everywhere.

Independent Analysis and Design

The GCHRD offers a path to independent and apolitical analysis directly to governments. For each request, we will assemble a unique team of academic, policy and legal professionals suited to a transparent and apolitical review of local law. We will report with world leading standards, legal frameworks and implementation advice, to advance the quality of rights and democratic process in the national context.