Since the beginnings of democracy over 2500 years ago, there have never been so many people living under democratic rule. However, the last major reconsideration of how Democracy should work, was over 200 years ago, when it replaced a series of failing monarchies.  In all this time, there has never been an impartial civil institution to advocate specifically for the quality of democracy. We focus less on the functioning of democracy and more on the issues that weak democracy causes.

While so many people have been forced to stand in front of bullets to express their discontent, the time has finally come to act. We can protect democratic processes from unfair manipulation by ensuring a few robust rules are always present and we can share those rules with everyone who needs them.

The Global Council for Human Rights and Democracy will be a new global civil institution, independent of governments. It will produce an updated Global Charter of human rights to be supported by International Standards of Democratic Process, that ensure the fair and representative operation of democratic systems.

This is an extraordinary time in the history of civilization.  Just a few decades ago it was impossible to imagine, that so many people would become confident in their ownership of the real power in the world. There have been revolutions in the past, but never in dozens of countries at the same time and never for such similar reasons; the demand for fairness, dignity and representation.  In this moment of unanimity, the GCHRD is a grand idea, that suddenly becomes simple to implement when we work together.

Our sincere hope is that you will assist us with your advice and support, as we attempt to renew and protect democracy, the ideal for which so many have paid the ultimate price, the tool that can serve us all.